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Hello! I'm Merlin Emrys. Ask me anything, and I'll answer as soon as I can. Ehm, not anything too embarrassing though. (:

Please only ask one question at a time, in respect to the artists who have to draw everything. This blog also ships everything, so feel free to send in asks about any ship, or if you want, just general questions. Thanks. (:
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Hi guys, it’s Ryan/Royalprat. I haven’t updated this blog in the longest time and to be honest I don’t think I will anytime soon. I run another ask blog since i’m also in the comic fandom, and that takes up most of my time if i ever have any to spare to draw.

So it’s been fun, the blog will stay open, and maybe I’ll reblog the occasional Merlin drawing to here, but other than that, I don’t think I’ll be answering any more questions. Thanks very much to the 3000+ followers. uvu ♥

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Arthur and Merlin Valentines Cards! I hope no one used these quotes yet;; ♥ (Thanks Lauren for Arthurs quote!)

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Happy Halloween Everyone! ♥

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New co-artist!

ooc: Ryan here~ So you all saw her opening post, and without further ado, please welcome is-your-little-bottom-sore (fantastic url) as another new co-artist. (:

At the moment there are three of us (active), so hopefully we can get these questions done a little faster (I might have been skimping a little because I actually run two ask blogs welp).

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((Hey! It’s one of the new artists. I decided to start of with something more detailed to kick it off. Sorry, it probably wont always look like this. I figured you were a Merthur shipper so I hope this answers your question adequately. Sorry for the bad grammar as well. ))

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Anonymous asked:
Are you guys still recruiting help?

ooc: Yes! Just remember to send all the required information to me on my main blog (Xinjay).

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